Working with Inspiro, the design process FAQ's.

Q1. Who is Inspiro?

We are Inspiro, a Branding, Graphic Design and Website Solutions Agency, based in Reading, Berkshire. We provide creative and art direction for graphic and print design, corporate branding, website design and development, ecommerce solutions and photography. We enjoy long term collaborative & creatively charged relationships with many successful and influential clients. A belief in the power of great design and our dedication to the success of your brands and company.

Q2. What does Inspiro do?

We offer bespoke and multi-discipline design services, which include, but are not limited to, creative logos, branding and corporate identities, inspirational graphic design, memorable marketing support material and innovative website design and development services.

Q3. How much will a project cost?

We realize that every client has different design needs, which is why every project is quoted individually. We bill hourly, and after completely understanding the client’s need, then and only then do we create a design estimate.

In creating the design estimate, we thoroughly cover all details and estimate every aspect to ensure that the finished product will benefit the client to the utmost potential. At this point, the design estimate can be adjusted to suit the client’s budget.

In regard to logo design, we offer several start up solutions for small to medium to large companies to offer the best solution for the new brand, and also work with the clients budget.

If you are unsure of what you need, you can contact Inspirio and request a quote.

Q4. How do I start a project?

If you are interested in Inspiro’s design services, start your project by contacting us now. After specifying your exact needs and requirements, whether it is logo design for a startup company, a website design or redesign for existing company, graphic and print design, we can help. Once the price is agreed, a half deposit is required to initiate ANY work. At the completion of the project, an invoice is sent for the remainder of the project.

Q5. Who are Inspiro’s clients?

Our clients range from single individuals, or sole traders, to small to medium to large sized businesses. We work with companies to institutions to non- for-profit organizations. You can see some of our portfolio and work examples here. If you are any type of business interested in design at our agency, talk to us now.

Q6. Does Inspiro take on any project?

We do not take on every project brought to us. We value our work and what we do; if we feel that we can not deliver a strong design solution to the challenge we will let the client know that we can not participate in the project. This is why at the start of any project, prior to any price discussion, we require some sort of meeting, whether it be in person or via phone, in which we can discuss the project and see if we can work well together. We believe that the client-designer relationship is vital to delivering success in any design challenge.

Q7. What type of projects to Inspiro turn down?

We will turn down any project that has any traces of an illegal, fraudulent or corrupt nature. We value our design agency and strive to maintain integrity within all aspects of our business and work.

Other types of projects we turn down are instances in which a client insists on dictating the overall design, in which we become a passive operative in the design process. Again, we value each and every project produced, and if we are not confident that the work we produce will fulfil your needs, the venture is pointless. This is just another justification for an interview prior to any price discussion.

Q8. Does Inspiro design locally?

No, we are based in Reading, Berkshire, UK. Yet we service several clients nationally and internationally. Technology has broken a lot of barriers, we can offer creative design services to virtually any place in the world. If training is required for an ecommerce or cms web design solution, we can handle this via remote desktop connection, or alternatively, liaising with print and production houses in your local area if required.

Q9. I have an RFP. Can and how do I submit it to Inspiro?

By all means, we welcome any RFP and can put together a design proposal for your company or institution. We do ask that you formally contact us first.

I have more questions…

If you are interested in working with us and do not see your question answered, please contact us now for more information.

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