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A new brand identity can mean a completely new logo for a startup or an evolution of an existing company that has reached a new level and needs to reflect its evolution in its brand.

Our process starts by learning about your organization and what’s important to you and your audiences - digging into how you differentiate yourself from the competition and discussing your overall marketing goals. We then work with you to define a logo and visual look-and-feel that reflects who you are and where you’re going. We always start the brand identity design process with several options and collaborate based on your feedback to refine a singular, iconic brand. Common branding services include naming and tagline development, logo design, wordmark design, overall messaging and brand strategy, visual identity and creation of brand guideline reference materials.

The most powerful visual identities are memory hooks—consistent, elegant yet simple marks that instantly relate a company’s core values, credibility, and personality. We get to know your business, its personality, and what it truly values. We use this information to inspire designs that capture the essence of your company and convey an effective and authentic feeling.

We’re not talking about just a logo here, either—but that’s certainly a good starting point. We carry visual identities through everything we produce, from site design and marketing materials to style guides, letterheads, and even business cards.

Brand Development

In the age of the Internet where everything is being copied and commoditised, the most successful companies remain those who have an identifiable, trustworthy brand. Whether we’re working with existing corporations or newly formed companies, we start by getting to know your company and the competitive landscape in which you operate. By clearly defining what your customers are seeking, we determine what opportunities there are for distinguishing your brand. Creating a successful brand requires looking at the customer or client’s experience from origination to the final touch point and determining how to create consistency and clarity throughout. Once that has been established, understanding the strategic goals allows us to create visual assets that can be leveraged throughout all marketing materials and build brand recognition. Inspiro has extensive experience in creating cohesive corporate identity systems, as part of our creative services, setting the foundation for which companies can tell their stories consistently and effectively.

Logo Design

Every logo must be unique and communicate a message. The best ones have layers which engage the audience and make them say, Aha! When you are able to achieve this, you really capture the mind share. A logo should not describe the company. A logo is a symbol of what the company does. It is not the company brand in itself, nor is it an identity. A logo is only one part of the bigger messag that makes up your corporate identity.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity can mean a few different things depending on the context in which it is being discussed. The more general meaning of corporate identity is the overall image of a company that comes from an accumulation of experiences through all touch points. It consists not just of the company logo but also the stationery system, the marketing materials, the advertisements, the company’s online reputation, and even includes the way an employee answers the phone. These things establish your identity. Your goal is to make sure that each time a consumer is exposed to your company, a positive connection is made.

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